Bad Sinatra I

No, it’s not the Gillmor Gang, but who cares.

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8 Responses to “Bad Sinatra I”

  1. Steve Gillmor - Bad Sinatra at MWGblog

    […] friend Steve Gillmor regarding his new show, Bad Sinatra back in January at the PodTech BlogHaus. Now it is out. It’s not the Gillmor Gang, but who […]

  2. Ben

    Fuck video. Fuck flash video especially. Give me an mp3 file I can put on a portable player.

  3. Richard Carter, FCD

    Sorry, I simply don’t have time to watch video. I do have three hours a day to listen to MP3s in my car. Big disappointment. Good luck with the show anyway, though.

  4. Richard Carter, FCD

    Actually, on second thoughts, I’m going to have to make time. Great show.

  5. Eric Likness

    I’m so glad to see/hear something after the seemingly endless gap between the end of the Gillmor Gang and Bad Sinatra. It isn’t the Gillmor Gang but you’ll recognize a lot of the voices. Where’s Jason? Where’s Hugh?

  6. Frank Koehntopp

    Ummm… you might want to consider compressing the file a bit - 750 MB is a bit much, really…

  7. Frank Koehntopp

    OK, one more then I’ll shut up ;)
    The attachment doesn’t play on an iPOd, sadly

  8. rooffire

    Gotta imagine Google traffic rise by 90% is because they just included youtube that month — if not the number is crap.

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