Bad Sinatra II

It’s not the Gillmor Gang, but what is.

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Tags: Jason Calacanis, Bill Atkinson, Mike Arrington, Dan Farber, Mark Benioff, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Gillmor

AppleTV version

6 Responses to “Bad Sinatra II”

  1. John

    I ask myself “why am I watching this?” (or listening mostly)… It’s bad. it’s great. it’s horrible video. it’s… If I hadn’t obsessively listened to all the gillmor gangs, I’m not sure I could take it, but it’s strangely compelling and somehow I missed you guys.

    Glad to see/hear/experience something new from you Steve.

    Keep up the Good (Bad) work. -J

  2. John

    Ok previous comment was for Bad Sinatra I - it’s still bad, but I like it……

  3. Ben

    This is like some sort of insane self flaggelation. Here I am sitting on my couch on a Sunday night, having spent the last hour or so trying to find software to convert mp4 to avi, and then fucking around with settings until I can get it to play on my iRiver clix.

    BAD Sinatra. BAD.

  4. Frank O'Grady

    Please point me to a link where I can read the backstory about the suppression of some basic program at Apple out of deference to some deal beteen Apple and Microsoft.

    Also love the rambling anti-narrative style of Bad Sinatra. Please don’t succumb to pressure to do what everyone else is doing. This is Steve’s aesthetic and I love it!

  5. Graham Walker

    This ain’t the gang, it is something different and I like it. Jason’s comment about the Idea Bubble was worth the price of admission for me

  6. martind

    ow man. bad sinatra II is ace. seriously. high poetry. great mix of split-tongue dialogue, farcical gillmor gang reminiscence, and evokative topic juxtapositions.

    great followup for the gang, in-depth knowledge of which is probably required to enjoy most of this; highly rewarding 20 minutes.

    and still can’t get over the fact how great the title is. “nothing is”, hah.

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